Export .PNG Transparent Background Glitch 2017

Hey guys,

Found a glitch in version 2017:
When File > Export as… > .PNG, transparent materials (glass windows) do not export transparent.

Example: export a model with windows, in 2016 I could see through the windows with a 50% transparency material. They export opaque in 2017.

Thank you for solving this when you get the chance!

Graphics card problem?

This is a PNG with background not transparent.

And with transparent background selected.

Could you share a model in which you see this problem?

Hi Dave,

Attached are .png’s with the issue I’m talking about. It seems not a problem of transparency within sketchup, it is in the export.

I received a one attachment error message. If you would like the .skp file let me know.

Thank you very much!


2017 png issue.pdf (179 KB)

Perhaps you can attach the SKP in another post. I think you have to get a few under your belt before you can attach multiples.

In the meantime, I made an export with a watermark image as the background.

Hi Dave,

Attached is my sketchup file. I go to file export image .png without a background in styles. Then I drop both the exported .png sketchup image and a background image into a program like inDesign or Pages, and place the .png over the photograph.

I avoid inserting images into my sketchup files to keep file sizes down for speedy 3D modeling.

Perhaps this is an unknown selection or preset I am missing within sketchup 2017, resulting in user error. I’ll update the post if that is the case.

Attached to this email are the 2017 image and sketchup file. I’ll follow up this e-mail with the 2016 image and file.


2017 png issue.skp (141 KB)

2016 file and image attached:

2016 png.skp (128 KB)

Now i understand what you’re getting at. The pixels from the partially transparent region in the exported image are not partially transparent in the PNG. Hmmm… I’ll have to look when I get home. I’ve never combined images that way and wouldn’t have expected them to be transparent in the PNG but i’ll play with it and see.