No transparent background option when exporting 2d graphic

My goal is to export to layout and have a transparent background. I can not do it directly, so I would like to export as a 2d graphic hoping I can then import them into layout and still be able to add measurements.

I can go to the layout file and select the sketchup model and make it a transparent background, HOWEVER, when I make any changes the sketchup models act very goofy. For example the hidden component reappears or the view completely changes.


You’re exporting a .jpg file. JPGs don’t support transparency. Export a .png instead. They support transparency and you’ll be given the option to make the background transparent.

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Oh duh! Thank you, that works for exporting with a transparent background.

I just tested it out, and unfortunately it doesn’t seem to hold the dimension values when I import that into Layout.

What do you mean? Are you exporting an image from Sketchup to insert in LayOut? Share the SU and LO files so we can see what you’ve got.

Why don’t you just import the model into LayOut?

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I’m trying to find a way to avoid the issues I’m having when working in Layout. For example the hidden components reappearing when I resize it.

Share the files so we can see exactly what you’ve got and help you solve the problem.

Here are the files, its already acting up. The layout file is already acting up. If I just try to remove the background is turns into the same view as the top left view of the file.

aris 3.skp (140.9 KB)
aris 3.layout (102.9 KB)

First problem is you’ve create no scenes in SketchUp so each viewport is set up to use the Last saved SketchUp view. That means they are never going to be stable and reflect what you want to show.

Start by creating scenes in Sketchup showing the model the way you want to show it. Give tags to components so you can control the visibility of the objects as needed for each scene. Then in LayOut, choose the scenes as appropriate for each viewport.

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I just saw one of your posts from 2017!

Thank you!

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Might be a good idea to go through the LayOut tutorial at

A little more on the scenes thing. You can see in this screen shot I have a list of scenes in my SketchUp model which I can select from for each viewport. Every viewport in the document is tied to one of those scenes.

Last saved Sketchup view is never used.

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I’m going to go through it right now, thanks for all the info!

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That was a very helpful tutorial. I breezed through my layout project right after. Thanks!

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