Export dxf of lines behind transparent objects?



Would really appreciate some help :slight_smile:

Difficult to be clear on this one. Basically I’m not being able to export a 2D drawing from both Sketchup 2018 Pro and LayOut, that shows all lines behind transparent objects. What happens is all objects appear as solid instead of transparent when exporting PDF or DXF.
Also under Styles, I’ve turned on Material transparency and turned Quality into Nicer but didn’t solve the problem.

Is there any way these lines behind objects can be exported and into a different grey?

Hope you can find the attached screenshot to help explain - it shows the wished result

Thank you!!


When I do similar things to this I copy and paste in place to a new document, deleting the geometry of the transparent elements. I them combine the one of more files on top of each other in either illustrator or Photoshop.


Thanks for the quick response!

Yes… That’s what I’ve been doing but it gets real time consuming when you have 50 curtains!

I was wondering if there was any quick way of doing it with Sketchup or LayOut that would just reveal these lines.


The “Back edges” function, X-ray display mode and transparent materials are all raster effects so they cannot be exported to a vector format. I use the workaround of exporting two hidden line images, the other with transparent materials hidden (FR: let us hide materials via the outliner or Materials inspector!) and superimposing them in my vector image editor.


Thank you Anssi for your response :slight_smile:

Yeah, it’s definitely the best way of doing it!!




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