Can I export a transparent background in Sketchup Shop?

If I were to buy the annual Sketchup Shop subscription, would I be able to export 2d files with a transparent background?

There’s a setting for that.

If you don’t want to show the axes, you’ll need to turn them off in the Display panel. Here’s an exported PNG opened in an image editor. The axes were left visible for this.

And I would need to download sketchup viewer as well right?

No. Not to export PNGs with transparent backgrounds. What makes you think you would?

I’ve been running in circles trying to figure out what features Sketchup Shop has. I finally gave in and decided to post my question instead. I supposed out of all the random information, I somehow came to the conclusion that I could only export and import in Sketchup viewer. It seems I was wrong though, you’d also be able to save in the browser version as well?

Viewer is only a viewer. It’s the sort of thing you might have a client download and install so they could look at your SketchUp model without modifying it. You don’t need it to make images from your model done in SketchUp Shop, Pro, or otherwise.

You can save the SketchUp file in SketchUp Shop. The normal location would be into a folder in your Trimble Connect account but you can also download the file to a directory on your local drive.