SketchUp 2020 Sketchy Line Style Level of Detail Slider

Just digging into SketchUp 2020 and noticed the sketchy line style no longer has a level of detail slider. Does anyone know where this went? Did it get cut?

2019 (left) _ 2020 (right)

That is the different styles. On the SU 2019 screen, you have a special style build by Style Builder or one of the default special styles. On the 2020 screenshot - just a regular style. They have a different preference.

The Conte style on the right should show the level of detail slider. It does here. Make sure you have that style selected in model and then look at the Edit settings.

I’m having the same issue, and TBH don’t understand either of the responses above. I’ve gone to Styles In Model, selected the one I’m using (Pencil on Graph Paper) and there is no detail slider.

If it’s gone then it’s really not good - it’s one of the primary things that sets SU above other modelling programs WRT to giving you great flexibility when exporting for postprod in Photoshop.

It must be an inadvertent change on Mac because it hasn’t been removed on the PC. It is a bug which has been reported, though, so hopefully a fix isn’t too far away.

Screenshot - 2_20_2020 , 6_28_50 AM

Screenshot - 2_20_2020 , 6_30_41 AM

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Ah cool thanks! Hopefully an accident and will re-appear :slight_smile: I saved my file and have gone back to 2019 in the meantime.

I’m sure it wasn’t done intentionally.

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I see the same on Mac for 2020.

Looking at the StyleBrowser.nib file in 2020, it still includes both versions of that edge settings dialog. They are called NPR Edge (the one shown in the OP’s images for 2019) and Non-NPR Edge (the one shown for 2020). In fact, at a quick inspection, the .nib appears to be the same as in 2019. To me that would suggest that there was a change elsewhere in the app’s logic on Mac so that it no longer selects the NPR Edge UI for sketchy textures. Since on Windows SU still shows that UI, this seems like a new or regression bug on Mac.

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same problem here! this is a really important feature to me. Have there been any updates on this?

No idea why they’d take this away, SU seem to be removing features rather than adding them whilst increasing the price?!

just updated to 2020.1, all is well - phew

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There were quite a lot of fixes in 2020.1. The full list is here:

The important one is this:

“(Mac) Fixed an issue where users could not view or edit sketchy edge settings in the Styles browser.”

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