Having trouble with dark edges

I just turned on Shadows in the Make version and turned off Profiles but my lines (edges?) are really dark and look like there is bleed. If i use the rollerball and zoom out, the lines fade but don’t stay the way. They come right back after a few seconds to being very heavy, dark and thick - Help!

I’m not a Mac person, but there have been confirmed bugs in SU 2017 for the Mac relating to lines - something to do with changes to make high resolution displays (Retina) work better.

Your profile doesn’t indicate which release year SketchUp you’re using. If you fill that in (instead of just “Make”) and perhaps state it here as well, others will be better able to help you get through this.

Thanks its the Make 2016 version for Mac

OK. Since you’re on 2016, it’s not the bugs people are seeing with 2017.

At this point, I’ve got to leave it to people who are familiar with Mac.

I don’t think its a Mac thing since Ive been using the same file in both Mac and on a Windows pc. Had this happen in windows and can’t remember how to fix it.

Since this is a visual thing, could you at least provide a screen shot or better, the SKP file?

trying to attach SKP file, but it freezes when downloading. Will try again

Judging from the detail and number of textures in the screen shot, your .skp file may be larger than 3 MB - which can cause the upload to freeze.

Alternatively, put it in the 3d Warehouse (as a public model), Google Drive (Share w/ anyone with link), Dropbox, etc. And then just post the link here.

file too big to share with google drive