Jagged outline of my inserted SketchUp model in LayOut 2017


I’ve upgraded from SketchUp Pro 2016 to 2017 but I’m finding that when I insert a 2016 SketchUp model into LayOut 2017, I get a thick black jagged outline around the main parts of the model. If I double click on the model in LayOut 2017, then the jagged lines disappear, but reappear when I click off of it. Even if I re-save the 2016 SketchUp model as a 2017 model, the same thing happens. I’ve tried redrawing the model in 2017 and there’s no resulting problem in layout until I copy and paste something that I’ve created in 2016, into the 2017 model - I then get the jagged lines appear in LayOut. Then even if I undo the pasted item in SketchUp and re-save the file, the jagged line remains in the LayOut model from then onwards, so I have to start over. All mega annoying. Can anyone help?


Can you post the SketchUp and LayOut files? It’s difficult to understand the problem. Right now, my best guess is that LayOut is rendering the SketchUp model as a raster image, which will make lines appear jagged. But if you open the SketchUp Model window in LayOut and set it to render the model as a Vector image, that will normally smooth out the lines. There’s a little window in the SketchUp Model window that gives you a choice of raster, vector, or hybrid rendering.
Hope this helps.


See this thread.


Hi guys. Many thanks. I can see on the thread that it’s obviously a problem for fellow Mac users.


Evidently it’s not all Mac users, though.

Did you take note of the transparent background thing?


I have only seen one Mac user not complain, but that was someone who was also not using antialiasing under 2016. I bet all Mac users who saw antialiasing under 2016 are not seeing it under 2017.


Unfortunately changing the background to a solid colour doesn’t help. So annoying!