I have jagged lines

Hello everyone,
I have a question. My lines in SketchUp are not nice and straight. and neither in layout.
Since I got my new Macbook pro m2 16 inch 32 GB storage 1TB. I have already checked everything at the institution. But especially when I save Layout in PDF high quality, I have jagged lines. can anyone help me with setting this up?

Greetings Tonny

It dosnt work :pensive:

Share you LayOut and SketchUp files so we can see what you have set up and compare the result on different machines.

In the SketchUp Graphics panel of the Preferences dialog, what is anti-aliasing set to?

Hi all,

I am also experiencing this issue. I recently upgraded my imac to a macbook pro and it comes standard with Sonoma. I understand that Sonoma is not compatible yet with sketchup 2023. When I go into my graphics to update the anti-aliasing, I cannot make any changes past 0X. Any insight if this is related to Sonoma?


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Could be an issue with Sonoma. You could try to manually change the setting:

(1) With SketchUp closed.
(2) Find the PrivatePreferences.json file for SU2023.
It will be in the user ~/Library/Application Support/SketchUp 2023/SketchUp/ path
(3) Save a backup copy of the file (just in case)
(4) … and open it in a good editor. One used to write code would do. Or TextMate, etc.
(5) Change the value of “This Computer Only” > “Preferences” > “AAMethod” (0,2,4,8 or 16)
(6) Then save the file.
(7) Reopen SketchUp and check if anti-aliasing is on (reduced jaggedness.)

Thanks Dan for the reply. It might be past my capability but I’ll give it a try.

Hopefully sketchup releases their new version soon. Sounds like mac users have been having issues.


Thank you Dan, I am not so good in this. but i give it a try when my son is here :grinning:

Let me know when it works at your computer :slightly_smiling_face:

There is a conflict between fast feedback and antialiasing on Apple Silicon machines. The work around for now is to turn off fast feedback, then you get the antialiasing settings back.

We are working on a solution that would allow fast feedback and antialiasing, but for now turning it off shouldn’t have any performance effect in LayOut.