Sketchy Style changing the richness of materials

Hi there,
I’m pretty new to Sketchup and have a question that I hope has a relatively simply answer!
I want to use a Sketchy style on my interior drawing perhaps using the ‘Pen Black’ style for a hand drawn looking line. When I select this, the materials and colours dull down quite a lot. I wondered if there is a way to have the Sketchy style pen but keep the materials the same without going through and editing each one again to make them brighter/darker? Thanks!

and save the change of the style by clicking on the two curved arrows.

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Additionally to mihai.s suggestion … You could select, edit, rename, save the new style and add the (personalized) styles folder as a collection to the library for future use in other projects:

sketchup style edit and save

The native Pen Black sketchy style would really destaurate the materials since the face style is natively set to Hidden Line. No materials would be displayed at all. As @mihai.s shows, you can edit the style to change the face style to Shaded with Textures.

There are some sketchy ctyles that already have the face style set to Shaded with Textures that also have a watermark overlay. The overlay could mute the colors of your materials. You can get rid of the overlay if you want.

Another option is to edit the existing style that displays the materials as you want them by mixing in just the edge settings from another style.

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Thanks all, super helpful and solved my issue!