When I import my sketchup model into layout, the line colour reverts to black


Hi Guys,

I have changed multiple lines to a different material (colour) but when I import the model into layout the lines revert back to the default black colour. Is there a way to maintain the different colours?

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Too much we don’t know.

Did you edit the style so edges are displayed by material? Did you update the style? Did you update the scene? Does the scene show as modified in LayOut? I don’t suppose you’ll share the LayOut file so we can determine exactly what is happening, will you?


Yes and Yes but I did not update the scene. Is there a way I can send you the layout file directly? I just wouldn’t want to share publicly…


Send the file via a private message by clicking on my name and then “Message”.


In the file you sent, you haven’t updated the style as evidenced by the circular arrows on the style thumbnail.

Even if you had updated it, you selected a different style for the viewport in LayOut so the changes to the Urban Planning Style would show anyway. As you can see in the screen shot above, Construction Documentation Style isn’t even used in the SketchUp model.

You haven’t created a scene for the view in the SketchUp file and are using the Last saved SketchUp view for the viewport. That by itself creates problems but then it’s been modified so you’ve broken the link to the view in SketchUp.

You need to:

  1. Update the style in SketchUp . Click on the thumbnail with the circular arrows on it. (If you don’t want to show the gray background color, edit the background color, too.
  2. Create a scene for the view.
  3. Save the changes to the SketchUp file.
  4. In LayOut, right click on the viewport and choose Update reference.
  5. In the SketchUp Model panel change Last saved SketchUp view to the new scene you created.

Avoid doing things to the viewports that make them show the scene as modified. That includes selecting a different style in the LayOut SketchUp Model panel.


Thanks Dave!! Layout file looks great :slight_smile: