Layout not pulling through Styles correctly

I have draw up a planning application in sketchup (as I have done many times before.)
After exporting to layout, the style is not showing correctly.
there are black lines around my shapes.

When double clicking to show shetchup model (in layout pane), the image shows correctly, but returns to incorrect version when leaving the model.

I have just updated to 2024

Share the LayOut file and a screenshot so we can see if there’s something in either the model or LayOut that needs adjustment and compare what you are seeing to what we see.

too big to upload

Which lines are appearing too thick? Show a screenshot.

black lines around the lower (layout) red line.
Looks even worse when zoomed out

when it should look like this
(I have show edges by material) in styles

note the thin grey grid lines.- these show black in layout

OK, I see what you are referring to. There is already an issue reported and being worked on in which LayOut isn’t handling Color by Material correctly. Hopefully it will be fixed soon. A work around for now would be to hide those edges in the model. I did that here. This is in LayOut.

Same cause as the other.

Another option would be to assign the color to the lines for the tag in LayOut instead of using Color by Material in SketchUp.

amazing, thank you!
thought i was doing something wrong

no way of diming the grid lines to grey?

See my additional text in my previous post. Frankly that’s where I would handle line color in LayOut instead of in SketchUp even if Color by Material was currently working.

By the way, I would recommend that you create groups or components to contain edges in SketchUp and tag the groups or components instead of tagging the edges.

please can you point me in the right direction to assign the colour to the lines for the tag "meta information) in LayOut

Digging in a little more so I could make an example. First I had to edit the style. I turned on Edges and Dashes and set Color to All same.
Screenshot - 5_1_2024 , 7_24_24 AM
While I was in SketchUp I also created a scene for the view of the model. Then I saved the changes.

In LayOut I updated the reference, selected the scene I’d created, reset the Camera properties so the viewport would show the scene correctly. I dragged the borders of the viewport to match the area you were showing. That’s a better option than double clicking into the viewport to move the camera anyway. I also set the Line scale for the viewport to something that could actually print on paper.

In the Tags panel I selected the one you gave to the grid lines and changed the color to gray and also set the tag’s Line scale thinner than the rest of the viewport.

Clicking on the line for the tag in the Dashes colomn brings up the setting options. Clicking on the color section opens the Colors panel where you can set the color.

And this is the result.

If your tags were done correctly you could do the same for other stuff in the model.

Followed your instructions and done.
Thank you

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You’re quite welcome. FWIW, I adjusted the line color and weight for the Red line and PV tags here.
Screenshot - 5_1_2024 , 7_42_53 AM
The black dots showing on the red shouldn’t show in an export. That’s just reduced display resolution.