Styles edge colour reverting to "by material"

Same as this guy had an issue with, but I can’t solve it …

I have been using Sketchup for over 10 years, literally daily, have built 5 cars and 2 aircraft with it, awesome, amazing, and I consider myself expert level, and often recommend and instruct Sketchup Newbies, but this is driving me nuts.

It just suddenly started, no lines and I open Styles - edit and change ;Edges’ back to “all the same”, but the moment I save my work, bang, lines disappear and it reverts back to “by material”.

I did make a new shortcut, and I did install a new extension weeks ago, but have eliminated both, reinstlled/repaired, computer on/off, nothing changes.

Generally Sketchup has been one of the most reliable softwares I have ever had, you can’t imagine my disbelief at this suddenly happening after over 10 years of fantastic use.

Are you updating the style after you make the changes? It sounds like you aren’t. After you edit the style, click on its thumbnail in the upper left part of the Styles panel.

Yes I am saving it, but I didn’t touch that area in the first place!

Oh, and it is saved. When it reverts back to ‘by material’ the moment I save, the option for me to save it actually also appears. eg: the default mode is ‘all the same’


Do you have an extension installed that might be screwing with the styles?

How would I know? I’m an engineer, i am not a computer programmer! That;s why I am here asking computer experts who’s program it is :wink:

I will do a fresh install on another drive, and add extensions one at a time and see how I go.

No offense intended or taken, but you should be aware that this forum is almost entirely operated by non-paid volunteers. Trimble employees drop by on occasion, particularly when pinged by name, but the majority of answers and help here does not come from anyone whose program it is! So, when something comes up that none of us can figure out or that is clearly a bug, we pass it on to the real developers by pinging their names.

Well, since I can’t see your computer, I’d have no way of knowing what extensions you have installed so…

I guess I would have renamed the existing Plugins folder so the extensions don’t load and see what happens from there. Are you still using SketchUp 2013 as per your profile?