Why is this STILL happening. Styles issues



Completely at the end of my patience now.

This software is steadily becoming unusable - not to mention that saving something has absolutely no effect because when the ‘bugsplat’ things popup and everything closes, I loose all progress and a version saved several days ago loads in its place - despite FREQUENT saving from me manually (turned autosave off as that was very unstable).

My main issue however:


I want to model in full colour - its how I determine which parts are complete, which need attention, which are ordered, etc etc.

I want the body of the piece to be, for example red, with the lines BLACK. so I can still see its shape.

This doesnt happen. I make the piece red, the lines go pink.

I click Window>Styles and then have to change Colour: By Material to ALL THE SAME every few minutes as it just keeps automatically reverting.

Whenever I save it reverts to By Material and everything goes to sh*t again.

As you can see in the top image - the lines are not defined in black. - Apart from the new part that is still the standard white. I cant do the whole model in white as it just looks awful and is a total pain to keep on top of things.

The bottom image is how I want it to look. This is how it has looked for years. I have no idea why its started doing it. I have no new extensions (as uninstalled them thinking that was the issue!)

I dont save parts as components, I save them as groups. Have done for years. Not entirely sure why.

Im at the point where I just want to delete the entire thing, strip every single trace of it from my system and go elsewhere.


How about sharing the SKP file so we can see exactly what is happening. From what little actual information we have, my guess is you are making the style change but not updating the style.

Although it shouldn’t have anything to do with the styles problem, I can’t for the life of my understand why you would save parts as groups.


Are you assigning the color to the groups from outside? This way the edges will get the color too, if they aren’t painted black inside the group …
Share your model for more concrete help, as suggested by Dave.


Are you using scenes? Whenever you switch to a scene the style associated with that scene is (by default) used.

If you want to permanently modify a style you need to click the preview image in the Style window to save the changes you have made. Then these changes are used through out all scenes referring to that style.

If you don’t want the style to be changed when going to a scene you can open the Scene window, select all scenes and untick the Style and Fog checkbox.