Materials "suspend"

Working along. I prefer to work with only stock colors… I am looking for a tool that in a sense hides finishes and textures. I want to set back to “white” or stock color then once done working toggle textures and materials back on… is this a thing? thanks guys.

How about just changing the face style to Shaded or Monochrome? Shaded will give you colors without textures, Monochrome will give you the default material only.

Change it temporarily with the Styles toolbar or edit the style in the Styles panel or choose a different style.

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This is great… I will try that. I am sure this will work as its only a visual thing for me … THANKYOU Dave

You’re welcome.

FWIW, I would suggest saving materials until late in your modeling process so you can ensure the geometry is all correct first.

very good point… … currently one of my biggest SKP challenges is model changes… Just got a request to “lower the truss slope to 1/12” so here is where this situation comes into effect the most.

2/12 currently to 1/12

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As @DaveR mentioned, changing face style by tapping the right buttons shown in the Styles menu.
But you can also set up shortcut keys to switch between different face styles. Monochrome also saves time when orbiting. So here also it helps when editing your model.

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I wish something similar, however the problem with going monochrome is you also loose the texture pattern not just the color. I haven’t found anything that works. My rudimentary work around is to select each texture and record it’s RGB values and add them to the end of its name. Then I set them to 255,255,255. When I want the color back I select each material and set the RGB values back to the ones recorded in the name.

I know this seems like a lot but I get grayscale drawings with patterns for construction documents and color for rendering without maintaining 2 models. I would love for one of the plug-in geniuses on here to make this easier.

A little different than what the OP asked for.

There used to be a grayscale plugin available. Unfortunately the author withdrew it.

Maybe it’s easiest to export a color image and convert it to gray scale in an image editor.

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