3D furniture component with decent 2D linework



How can I make my furniture components look like simple furniture in 2D plan.
For example the chairs in attachment, in 3D they are ok, but in 2D it looks bad, because the outlines aren’t all visible.
Changing the visibility of hidden lines doesn’t help…

What I want to see is a normal black line, just like you would draw a chair in only 2D.

Any help?


The easiest way is to turn on Profiles (Window menu>Styles>Edit>Edge settings).



Thanks, that worked for 90%.
Is it possible to attach a 2D linework object to a 3D component?


Create a component with 2 layers a 3D layer and a 2D layer. Place your linework in the 2D layer and If you only want to see the 2D switch of the 3D layer.


Hi Guy, that’s a simple trick! Could have thought of that myself, but I didn’t. LOL
Big thanks!