Technique or add in to project furniture and fittings for 2d plan


Wondering if anyone can help me with the above, I know is possible but can’t find it anywhere. I’m designing the layout of a house and want to incorporate the layout / outline of fixtures and fittings which will display on 2d printed plans. I’m not sure if this is an add in / extension or just a technique. What I have seen is basically a 2d representation which sits aligned under a 3d fixture. If the 3d fitting is on a separate layer to the 2d outline its very easy to turn on and off the 3d layer. This provides a clear to down layout. The two objects are attached to each other in a group /component and move together.

Many thanks I’d if anyone can help



I always use the top view of the real 3d furniture and turn my model in hidden line mode. In combination with the Skalp for SketchUp extension I use I get a colored hatched section in combination with white furniture.

Hi Guy,

Thanks for that, I’ll try it.