2D Floorplan with text, plus printing

I’m kind of new to Sketchup. I understand how to draw my floorplan but I need to add text . Footing details, wall details, column and beam details, etc. When I use the text box it leaves an arrow and when I move around the plan the text moves. Cant I just have the text fixed where I need it? Also when I try to print my floorplan into a PDF file, the footprint remains blue. I just want a 2D floorplan that I can add text to and print. Can I not do this in Sketchup?

On a separate note, I cant figure out how to add a border/label box to my “blueprint”. Do I just make a rectangle? and how am I suppose to know how large to make it?

Please help. Thanks in advance

You can do it, but not easily if that’s all you want to do. The pay version of SU comes with a companion application called LayOut, whose job it is to produce 2D documentation from a 3D model created in SU itself. The free version of SU has no particular provisions for making 2D documentation, although you can simulate the appearance of an orthographic view (of your model) on screen and send that to the printer.

However, if your only interest is in making a 2D drawing you would do far better with any of dozens of inexpensive or free drawing and CAD applications, whose whole purpose in life is making 2D scaled drawings. Here are some CAD choices. Or, you could look at InkScape, a free drawing app, or CorelDraw Essentials, a cheap one.

So how did you happen to select SketchUp, which specifically and repeatedly positions itself as a 3D Modeling app (“3D for Everyone”), to make your 2D drawings? It’s like you went out of your way to choose the least suitable application for your task that was still theoretically capable of doing what you want.


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I think you would enjoy using LayOut - do you have SketchUp Pro? LayOut is included with SketchUp Pro.

[Read more about LayOut here.][1]

[1]: http://www.sketchup.com/products/sketchup-pro/features/2d-drawing-%26-documentation

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