Populating Drawing in Layout or SketchUp?


Hi, Thanks for reading!

I’m going to try for the first time to design a building regs package within sketch up to layout as I see benefits in doing it this way instead of the Traditional AutoCAD software I have been using.

I’ve spent the last week or so developing a scrapbook, Electric, Fire, Ancillary, Drafting symbols and so on.

My question

What is the best way of going about showing things like cupboards, beds, bathroom and kitchen fittings. Should I have them on a separate layer within my sketch up model and toggle them on for certain scenes to import to layout or have them in my scrapbook and just populate within layout? I presume it would be within SketchUp but wouldn’t mind finding out what others are doing.


I guess I would put them in SketchUp and as you say, use layers to control visibility for each scene as required.

Is your SketchUp model 3D? If so, your cabinets should be 3D, too.Then you can show the same cabinets in plan, elevation, and perspective views when needed. If you work strictly in 2D then you need plan view cabinets (and other fixtures and furniture) as well as elevation views. That adds a potential for errors that wouldn’t exist in 3D.


Thanks for the response.

No, I want to model in 3D so I don’t have to draw sections. I’m assuming just hovering 2d doors, sinks toilets etc over the intended surface by a couple of mm then toggling the layer on and off is the best option?


I’d use 3D components of cabinets, fixtures, and such. Put them where they’d be in the space. Think of it as the real stuff in a real space.


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