New guy in SketchUp

Hello guys,
I remember i was drawing my school back at 12th grade and i stopped it with then but after a while i want to get back to what i love working with 3D environments and designing rooms/furniture and i was looking around if Sketchup has a furniture/room planning function which i could extract after model is done? and any good tips i would appreciate. i’m using free version for now as i’m just trying to get back on track and figure out if SketchUp has the functions what i need.

added few pictures of first kitchen i draw after ages. i need to improve a lot but that’s why i’m here :slight_smile:


Sorry new users can upload only 1 picture to post…

Not sure I quite understand what you mean by ‘furniture/room planning functions.’

There are extensions and dynamic components (and now a few Live components) that will draw kitchen cabinets and some other furniture parametrically, so it’s easy to change options.

Or find pre-drawn models (of variable quality and size) of different kinds of furniture, in the 3D Warehouse.

And you can output plans and elevations with control over detail to be shown.

What else might you be looking for?

You probably have to explain what this means a little more. Extract what to do what with it?