Are there any premade objects i can use instead of drawing everything?

Just wondering if there are sink, toilets etc that i can put on my plan instead of drawing everything with the line tool? cant find anything online. thanks

Are you doing all your drawing in LayOut? Most users will do their modeling in SketchUp and use LayOut for the documentation. There are loads of toilets and sinks and other objects available to download from the 3D Warehouse.

import DWGs blocks into layout…?

i am just looking to make architectural plans for my house i plan on building.

sweet just looked that up. im completely new to this and am just trying to make plans for a garage in my current house and make plans for my next house.

That’s good application for both SketchUp and LayOut. You can make a 3D model of your house in SketchUp and from that create perspective, elevation, and plan views in LayOut for your plans.

yea eventually i will get there. i just started on layout today. i cant figure out how to get models of appliances on there.

I guess you could start here:

Keep in mind that although you can do all your drawing in LayOut, the normal workflow would be to start in SketchUp and send the SketchUp model to LayOut.

Another option would be to take any 3D group or components that is created in Sketchup and view it from the Top and in Parallel Camera Mode and export it to a 2D DXF file and then import that back into Sketchup or Layout and use it as a 2D object for your Plan scenes to be used in Layout - it makes your Layout file a lot lighter then trying to render a 3D object in plan