2d plan and component transparency

I’m creating a 2d house plan in Sketchup Make 2017.

I’ve created the floor plan no problem, then imported some 2d furniture models and placed them in the rooms.

I double click the components to edit the colour, all works as expected.

However, if I fill the floor plan so I can add floor covering textures, all the components effectively become transparent, taking on the texture of the floor covering.

I’ve tried creating new components, exploding components, grouping and ungrouping. No change. If I move the furniture component out of the plan onto open screen it takes it’s colour back.

Any ideas what I should be checking? I’ve spent hours on it and can’t find a solution.
floorplan.skp (1.4 MB)

when you place 2D objects which have no thickness in the same Z location as your floor plan the graphics card has a difficult time resolving which face should be in front of which. SketchUp as a 3D modeler has no concept of Bring to front/Send to back like 2D programs. So to avoid the problem, put some space between the floor plan and the 2D objects. Move them up above the floor plan a little bit. With the camera set to Parallel Projection it won’t be apparent that this distance is there.

That happens because there’s no face outside of the perimeter of your plan.

Like this:

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Ahhh, brilliant, thanks so much!!

You’re quite welcome.

Before you go much farther with your modeling I would suggest you get a handle on correct face orientation and the use of groups and components. All of your floor plan is loose geometry with reversed faces.

Also layer/tag usage. ALL edges and faces should have Layer 0 (Untagged in Later SU versions) assigned to them.
Screenshot - 5_24_2021 , 9_21_23 PM

And purging unused stuff will help to keep your files from becoming bloated.
Screenshot - 5_24_2021 , 9_21_38 PM

Yeah, thanks. I need to run through some tutorials, I’ve just winged it so far (which is no doubt obvious!)

Appreciate your help and advice.

try learn.sketchup.com

Good luck.