Can't edit color of component?

Hi, I’m creating a lighting plan on my floorplan (created a new tag / layer for lighting) - I’m trying to edit my x2 lighting components to fill them with a green colour but the component wont change colour. Do you know why? Thank you. See attached


Hard to tell from your screen shot. What is the face style set to? Are you trying to color the faces or the edges? It would help if you share the .skp file so we can see exactly what you’ve got.

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1st floor 2d floorplan skp.skp (2.2 MB)

Currently they are painted orange but because they are in the same plane as the floor and everything else, the graphics card isn’t showing that unless you orbit. Then you get Z-fighting.

Move them up vertically a bit and the will show color and you can change it to green if you want.

Remember me telling you a few weeks ago about SketchUp being a 3D modeler. having faces sharing the same exact location is one of the problems of working in 2D because the graphics card needs one face to be clearly closer to the camera than the other for things like this to render correctly.

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Thank you so much. I gave them a bit of depth and it helped.

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2D components with a face could have their “cut opening” property enabled.

True. They could. Of course then the component would have to be in the same context as the underlying face and not outside the grouped walls and floor.

This unfortunately applies to all uses of cutting components. One could wish that the developers would build the whole thing again from scratch. Non-destructive windows and doors ought to be possible, without destroying the integrity of, for instance, solid walls and the working of section fills.

I agree. It’s one reason I rarely use the hole cutting feature of components.