Edit a Component

I must be nuts. I can’t change the color of some components/objects/things…what ever they are.
I have a two dimension thing made up of about 10 smaller things.
They are the layout of my lawn. They are all rectangles.
I would like to color them green.
I can’t seem to get the Edit Component menu.
I have made a few into components.
No matter what I do, if I right click I get a menu that starts with Entity Info. i tried somethings with that and now one rectangle is green and the others are black. I can’t seem to get away from that.
I am feeling really stupid.
I have done things like this with SketchUp in the past. Even brick walls,etc.

Upload the model and things might get solved without making us guess !

Do I “export 3D model”?

I think you have “drilled too far down” into your component. The edit component will come up on a context click of a component (when it has the blue box around it) if you have “entered” the component to edit it you will get the “entity info” displayed.

How do I drill out?

Also I hope this includes the upload.6036layout.dae (4.9 KB)

left click in an open part of the model

Here I go being dense again.
What is an open part of the model?
If I left click on one of my rectangles it fills with dots.
If I left click on a blank area nothing happens.

It could help to upload the model (skp) as one thing to note is that materials applied to the faces override materials applied to the component container as a whole. That could cause some confusion.
When you are in “normal” non edit mode select a component and it will highlight blue. To edit it double click, or right click and select “edit component” from the context menu. Then the bounding box should turn grey when edit mode is active. To close edit mode click in an empty area of model space.

The others will probably get you running, but here’s a little video you may find useful.

OK, here is the skp

6036layout.skp (89.6 KB)

there are no components here, you just need to open the materials palette, pick a color and drop it (click) on the rectangle you want painted with that color.

If you want them all the same color, as they are all connected you can triple click on any part of it and paint them all at once. Instead of a green color you could use the grass texture in the landscaping section of the materials palette.

also note that the face of the square in the enclosed area has a normal face and all the others are reversed so they may not display your texture color as expected? just rick click on that one “normal” square and check “orient faces” and it will make all the other faces match that one.

I feel like an idiot.
I lost the paint bucket icon from the bar so I was off in space trying to edit component when I didn’t have have any of.
But I tried to make components by selecting a few rectangles and clicking Make Component. I am up to Component #4 but I really don’t have any components do I? I can select each rectangle that I made into a component (ha ha) and they are still separate.
Thanks for your help.
I need to know a lot more about what I did.

@whiterabbitdesigncompany seen as though the OP is up to component 4 maybe there are components in the model, but on creation maybe “replace selection with component” wasn’t checked?

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Spend some time looking at these VIDEOS
This should help you get started.

Actually I have been through those videos but it was many months ago and I haven’t used SketchUp since.

whiterabbitdesigncompany: You are right. Replace…not checked.
Now I get Edit Component. Which thanks to you, I don’t really need.

All this was much to do about nothing on my part. Sorry for this.
Thanks Again,

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I looked briefly at the model but there were no visible components, none listed in the outliner, but evidence of components in the “in model” components". However the “in model components” were components? just no longer in the model?. But I suspect you are right, that the “replace selection with component” wasn’t checked, and in this instance maybe as Pete says, they probably didn’t need to be components. However they may be worth making as groups, if you want to define these areas for different treatments in the future.

I will try the group method.
I want to place text in various places to indicate the area (sqft).

if you use the leader text on an area it will automatically show area.

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Yep, I see that happen.