Disappearing components - Floorplan

I have created a 2d floorplan for an assignment. I am now revisiting that floorplan to add an electrical plan. I had to create some of the symbols myself because they differ slightly form what is available in 3d warehouse. ONce I had inserted my electrical plan over my existing floorplan, I started to change the electrical components red so that they are more visible over the layout. I used the styles tool box to do this. Some of the electrical layout will turn red but not all and I have no idea why. To add to that, now my washer / dryer has disappeared and so have all my windows. When I click on them, they are highlighted in blue but when I click outside they disappear. Please help.

SketchUp is a 3D modeling application. As such you need to think in 3D, not 2D. Place elements like fixtures, furniture, and the electrical plan above the floor plan in space. Provide some space between them.

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Also, to change all instances you need to make sure to change the color of the geometry inside the component. Painting the outside may be possible, but will only change that one instance.

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Thanks. Unfortunately I’m a novice user so am totally confused by what Ive done. I’ve used the styles panel to edit and change the edges back to "All same’ instead of by material so I now have my components back but my electrical plan is all in black. I think it will have to stay that way as I have no idea how to make those parts a different colour. I have also had to create my own symbols and i need to fill with colour and no matter what I do, I cannot fill the shape with colour.

You can take advantage of all the features of the pro version, though you can use sketchup to make 2D drawings it’s better to do it in 3D even if it’s a small project. Sketchup Pro comes together with another great software called Layout, it’s installed in the seme folder where sketchup is installed, this software is one of the best to make 2D documentation, you have a lot more customization possibilities to draw lines, you can set different width, color or fill if it’s a closed figure, useful to make hatches, and a lot more tools to create great 2D drawings out of your sketchup 3D model. It’s a very intuitive software but you should visit the sketchup website go to sketchup campus, they have great free courses that will guide you to get started properly with the software, also there are tons of good tutorials on YouTube both on the official sketchup channel and on channels dedicated to teaching the program.
I share this construction documents I made entirely on layout out of 3D models from sketchup.
Planos PROFERMACO.pdf (11.2 MB)

If you attach your model/floorplan we can have a look and advise you what you need to be doing with it.

Assignment 4 Floorplan Mar 23 EP v2.skp (13.1 MB)
Thanks so much, I am lost!

There’s a lot going on in your model that really isn’t done correctly. Evidence of that 2D thinking I mentioned in my first reply.

I sent you a PM.