How to hide ONLY the lines in a component?

As you can see, in this photo there are very detailed plant components with a lot of lines.

However, when I zoom out, only the lines show, and I cannot see the green of the leaves as much.
Is there any way to hide all of the lines at once in that component without having to hide each line one by one?
Thank you for reading my question :slightly_smiling_face:

Open the component for editing, select the edges and choose Hide from the Edit menu.

As well as that, View/edge styles/profiles off.

How do I select only the edges in the component? When I try selecting, it selects the faces as well.

You can click on and select only the edges or you could use an extension like Thom Thom’s Selection Toys from the Extension Warehouse to select only the edges. Or you could hold Shift and the left mouse button while wiping over the edges with the Eraser tool.

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I had no idea this was possible, thank you!

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Select Wire Frame Mode. This shows only the edges.

Select All.


Select the mode that you had selected before selecting Wire Frame mode.


Whoa this method was very quick and efficient, thanks!!