Hide lines in specific components

Is it possible to turn off lines of only 1 component? I imported a downloaded file, but it still contains unnecessary lines. Is this option there? What steps are needed?

(It is important that the rest of the drawing is preserved. It therefore concerns only 1 component/group.)

Open the component for editing, select the edges you don’t want to see and hide them (Edit>Hide or Eraser+Shift) Or it might be more appropriate to soften/smooth those edges. If you share the file we can give you a better idea.

Thanks for your response. I have previously selected smooth edges to make some lines disappear. It is a fairly large file. The component actually consists of all kinds of separate parts (buildings in this case). Attached 1 image of part of the drawing.

This is what i want. The problem is that the entire file now has no more lines.

You might also try ThomThom’s CleanUp plugin. If the diagonals are truly on flat faces, it would erase them.

Thanks for your response. Just tried it and it helped a bit. Think that now about 10-20% of the lines are gone. Unfortunately, however, the issue has not yet been fully resolved.

From your screen shot it looks like there are either a lot of non-coplanar edges requiring the triangulation to get faces or you just have a lot of excess geometry. In your second screen shot it looks like you’ve turned off Edges and Profiles in the style. That’s not the same as hiding edges. You can selectively hide edges that you don’t want to see using the methods I described previously.

I actually turned off the lines in the 2nd photo by the ‘style edit’ options. The previously mentioned method certainly works, but it takes a lot of time given the many buildings. The question is whether there would be an option to be able to do this just by clicking on a few buttons. I have already found another solution. This by placing the lines and boxes in 2 separate layers. I then turned off / deleted the layer with the lines.

What is the imported file type?

The first thing would be to get rid of any unneccesary edges from the imported geometry. There’s no point in leaving them and if you use textures or materials, those unneeded edges will create more work for you. As this must be a hobby thing for you, maybe that additional work isn’t a problem?

Problems with this: First, ALL edges and Faces should keep Layer 0 assigned to them. Second, Deleting a layer that is assigned to the edges doesn’t eliminate the edges. They still exist. Faces cannot exist in Sketchup without the edges bounding them.