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Hi, I just downloaded some models from 3D Warehouse and as a newbie, I can’t figure out how to hide their edges so that they look decent. I have tried the “Soften Edges” option but even when moving the slider to the max you still see a lot of edges. Is there any way to deal with this?

Maybe you need to also soften coplanar edges? Share the .skp file so we can see what you are working with and give you guidance.

This is the model file: Proton Drive

I’ve tried that soften coplanar, but it doesn’t change to much.

Share the SketchUp file (.skp), not an exported .dae file.

Maybe the problem is actually a file issue. I imported the .dae into Sketchup 2017 because the oldest .skp on the site is for the 2019 version and I can’t import it.

The screenshot in your first post is from your SketchUp model. Upload that file.

ramka_potrojna.skp (174.6 KB)
Ok, I clicked on it and saved as skp.


So the edges you see are all profiles and are not part of the underlying surfaces. Select the surfaces and move them away from the mesh of profile edges, then select the mesh and delete it.

You’d find a lot of this sort of stuff easier to deal with it you turn Edges back on in the style.

Dave is quite right, the separated edges often are a result of using .dae files.
You can also select and intersect the edges.
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sorry :slight_smile:

@DaveR but how to select surfaces?
@Box o! this method is working :slight_smile: