Hide construction lines single object

Creating a curved object (fa using sandbox), y’see all construction lines.
Can use view>edge style to hide them, but i’ll hide all the model lines. I’d like to hide just the lines in a single object. Anyone…how???

Show us what you are seeing. Give us at least a screen shot.

Might be that all you need to do is soften some edges.

Normally use soften edges, but it doesn’t get all the lines, plus I lose the edges to work with.
Or I pick all the lines one by one and hide them.

Maybe you need to adjust the Soften Edges slider. Or maybe the edges are coplanar edges and could/should be deleted.

If you need the edges to work with, what is your problem?

Either soften, hide, or erase the ones you don’t need to see.

If they are softened or hidden you can still expose them with View>Hidden Geometry if you need them for something.

be sure to click the “soften coplanar” button in the soften/smooth dialog. If you cannot soften all the edges in an object, then they might be “stray” edges that are not part of surface (bordering faces).

Thanks, didn’t find soften coplanar yet, certainly helps in the model I’m working on.

For example a cilinder or cushion: after smoothing, I can’t push/pull anymore. Therefore view>edge style for just an object instead of the whole model would come out handy.

Style settings are for the entire model. You can either choose to leave all edges visible until you are finished with them or you can expose them when you are editing the object. Keyboard shortcuts make that easier.

Got it, thanks. Means I needn’t search further.