Best way to hide lines on curved surfaces?

Hey everyone. Sketchup, as you know, denotes the start of a curve with a line - like the lines I’ve indicated in my screenshot:

I know one can right-click these lines and select “Hide,” but that will be useless as I often hide and unhide objects in my model. What is the best way to more permanently hide these types of lines (or anything else, I suppose), in such a way that they won’t be affected by the “Unhide All” command every ten minutes?

Better would be to soften them. Select all geometry, right click on it, choose Soften/Smooth.

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Use the ‘Eraser’ tool and tap the [Ctrl] key once to soften the edges that you swipe over.

Make a shortcut key to toggle between viewing hidden / not viewing hidden geometry for your entire model.

You might want to look at your workflow, using the hide function can get very confusing as it only works in the current context. Using tags for hiding things is much more versatile and you run less risk of losing things. Hidden things can be easily deleted by mistake.

Thanks for your thoughts. Could one tag all the lines of the type I indicated in my screenshot and just hide and unhide everything with that tag at will? That could well be a solution to what I’m looking for, although everything suggested by other users would seem to work in their own ways as well.

No, and just to be clear, No, do not tag raw geometry, only tag groups, components, dimensions etc

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Hiding and softening are two different things.

In your case, hiding the edge will keep adjacent faces as they are. You will notice a “fold” where the edge is.

Softening this edge make this fold disappear and the adjacent faces will have a smooth look. This is probably what you want.

Also, since the faces that you show are a bluish grey, this is an indication that these are inside faces. They should be reversed.

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