Hiding lines in sketchup mesh (Sandbox/from contours/add detail/smoove)

Ive been searching and maybe assuming I just have to use soften edges…

Created a building lot mesh from contours supplied by surveyor. Used Sandbox-from contours and couldnt smoove without using add detail (solution found here from Dave in an old post, thx). Smoove and Artisan toolset work perfect to adjust the mesh.

Seems the only way I can get the edges in the mesh to disappear is to use soften edges (coplanar) the only reason I was trying to avoid this is I am unable to smoove/artisan (at least with my machine) for future adjustments. I just get an hourglass that never goes away and I wind up having to kill SU (End Task).

Hidden geometry is off. Been searching for a while trying to avoid a post.


I would soften the edges and then use CleanUp3 to merge coplanar faces which would delete unneeded edges.

Should I be able to continue to smoove/artisan after that or just start from scratch each time. I have the original mesh saved on a separate layer and have just been having to start over for each iteration of the possible lot excavation.

If you delete the coplanar edges then those faces will be merged into single faces so Smoove probably won’t work as well. Maybe save the merging of faces until you are finished screwing around with the shape of the terrain.