Sandbox lines

i am trying to create mounds for planting in my residential landscape designs. I always end up with a line around the grid that i created and i want no deliniation between the mounds and the surrounding landscape. For expample i have a large planting bed with a mound in it and the mound has a black line around its perimeter. Any idea how i can fix this. I tried the soften edges and a few others.

How are you creating the mound? I would recommend starting with a Sandbox grid, then using Smoove to raise up the mound… It should blend right in with the flat portion of the grid.

Can you post a screenshot to better clarify the issue?

If you edit the group (mound) you can shift/erase the border lines…it doesn’t delete the line but hides them.

Open the Group or Component containing the offending Edges.
Use the Eraser + Modifier Key to to either hide or soften/smooth the Edges.
See the Eraser training video.

See this Help article for more ways to alter Edge appearance.

Softening, Smoothing, and Hiding Geometry — SketchUp Help