Drawing an irregular shaped mound

Hi I’m new to the community, can anyone help me.
I’m trying to draw an irregular shaped smooth mound that curves to the left or right? I’m sure its simple but I can’t seem to find anything on YouTube? Can anyone help?

Do you have an image of the sort of thing you want to do? Might be a job for the Sandbox Tools or maybe an extension like Vertex Tools.

Start with:


Thanks for getting back so quickly. Yes really rough sketch attached. Profile above is and arch but I want it to follow a sort of moon shape?

Is this supposed to be a landform or something else? Are the ends supposed to come to a point?

yes exactly its a large shaped border.

the ends come to a point and some are curved?

So try Sandbox tools as I suggested. Or you might draw the outline and an arc or two and use Curviloft from Fredo6 to create the skins.

amazing thank you. I’ve been trying loads of different ways of draping and even tried soap skin that just froze everything up.

SketchUp for Landscape and Site Design Check out our course on Landscape & Site Design - specifically part 3: Terrain & Grading for some more ideas and step-by-step workflow. Cheers.

With TIG Extrude Tools

The Soap Skin and Bubble plugin might work here too.

“Hand stitching” produces probably the cleanest results: