Making a burial mound

I am trying to create a old western burial mound and am having trouble shaping the ends of the mound. I have tried the arc and follow me, but it does not come out right. This is as far as I can get without running into problems.

As you can see, I have the basic shape but now I need to round out the ends both on the horizontal as well as the vertical planes at the same time.

Can someone please help? Thank you.

Just draw and arc near one of the corners and close it with a line. Then use follow me.

You might try an extension called Soap Skin Bubble to draw that mound.

Thanks, where an I get it and how do I use it?

Look at the link I provided. Get it from the Extension Warehouse under the Window menu in SketchUp.

ely862me Tried that and got all kinds of wierd shapes.

DaveR Thanks

Some more work required though… as intersecting the arc with the lower surface and cleanup.
Sandbox with smoove would also work quite alright.

I think these would be more like you’re looking for, right?

From the left,

Rectangle for a path and a profile for Follow Me.
After Follow Me ran.
Edges softened.

Same starting rectangle, Soap Skin Bubble, -200 for the pressure.

I think that the best result for that shape would be Soap Skin Bubble:

Appreciate all the help, here is what I finally came up with:

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