Creating a round end on a banister

Hi there,

Been struggling for a few days with a rounding problem, that I hope someone can help me with.

I have a long railing that is attached to a wall.


Right now it has flat end that I want to smooth into a round end. I tried all the normal things like the follow-me tool, and even a few extensions for beveling, but I just can’t seem to get it to work.

Hoping someone can give a few hints.

Many thanks.

What kind of a round shape do you want? Can you upload the SKP file?

Code wise, you typically “return” the rail to the wall. For that I would use the follow me tool to make the profile make the 90° turn into the wall at both ends.


Something like @RTCool mentioned although the return could be shorter and there should be one at the bottom. A path, a profile, and Follow Me.


Thanks for all your suggestions. I did actually have it returning to the wall originally, but in our cases this isn’t necessary (from a code perspective) since there is a banister on the other side of the stairs as well, and for some reason that makes a difference from a code perspective.

I just wanted to try and taper the end instead of returning it to the wall to see what it would look like. Essentially what I am trying to do is have the complex shape that is the banister, sanded down into a dome at the tip …… much like taking an arc from each edge vertice, out to a single point that lines up approximately with the center of a cross-section of the horizontal slice.

Conceptually pretty easy … I am just trying to taper a shape down to a single point in an arcing path, but how to do it in sketchup in an efficient way remains a challenge…

Not sure I understood, but I will try luck.

Something like this?


Maybe it’s obvius but I did with follow me tool :confused:


I was in the process of making illustrations to show what spawn shows. Is this what you are thinking of?

Start with half the profile of the banister and half a circle. I split the circle at the midpoint of opposite side segments so that the face of the half round end would match the existing straight extrusion.

Run Follow Me

Add the half round to the end of the straight run and soften the edges.

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That’s what I was originally thinking and was going to show. Or a more traditional one that wraps around the vertical axis.


Thanks David!

Though this isnt originally what I had in mind, it would look pretty good

(and what’s even better, it is practical to fabricate in the real world :slight_smile: !)

Not sure about your jurisdiction but the reason to return handrails into the wall is to keep garments from getting hooked on them. An open ended hand rail wouldn’t fly here.

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I hate it when that happens, too.

Screwing around with the model I made.


Sorry to ask about everything, but how did you do the wrap?, I thought it was simple but I’ve been making several tries with follow me with no success.

I tried with one path.


I tried with two paths.


But when I try to trim them with Trim tool from Eneroth Solid Tools I get undesired results.


By the way, I know it’s offtopic from the main thread but I’d like to say that I get my computer frozen long time (1 or 2 minutes) for some operations like certain follow me or intersecting objects like these ones. My circles are 24 or 48s mainly, I made a clean windows 10 installation 2 days ago. Not sure why this always had happened to me, it’s an i5-4460 3,2Ghz, 8GB ram, GTX 750 Ti 2GB OC. My drivers are up to date and I disabled Fast Feedback.