Way to Easily Hide Multiple Lines/Edges at Once

Using Shift+Eraser to hide lines one at a time is tedious and time-consuming, and is just a very unnecessary inconvenience for the user. I believe there is a very simple solution to this. When you click and drag with the Select tool to easily select multiple things at once, and right-click on what you have selected, a pop-up menu appears with a variety of options. It shouldn’t be too difficult to add a “Hide all Selected Lines” option to this pop-up menu. I am aware that a “Hide” option already exists in this menu, but that option hides everything in the selected area, while I want an option that hides only the lines/edges.
Alternatively, perhaps a feature could be added that makes it so that you can click and drag with the Eraser tool, just like you can with the Select tool. Clicking and dragging with the Eraser tool should, upon releasing the mouse button, delete everything within the selected area, which saves some small steps in comparison to the existing method of deleting many things at once, which is clicking and dragging with Select and then pressing Backspace. But more importantly, if you hold Shift while you click and drag with the Eraser selected, upon letting go of the mouse button all lines in the selected area should be hidden.
I don’t really care which of these methods is implemented, or if either of them are, as long as there is some method that allows me to hide all selected lines/edges at once. And if this feature is added, it would be helpful to be informed of where the option can be accessed and in what versions it exists in, seeing as I use the free web version of Sketchup, so it would be handy to know if I can even access the feature once implemented.

Can already be done without adding another feature.

Oh, thank you so much! I tried it and it worked for the most part, but for some reason it hid both of the objects that were imported components, not just their lines. But for every other part of the model, only the lines were hidden. But still, that fact that there is any way at all hide multiple lines is amazing, so thank you again.

That’s because you didn’t open the components for editing. As with any other tool, if you want to interact with the geometry inside the component, you first have to open the component for editing.

The fact that you were able to hide other edges within the model makes me wonder if you are using components properly.

Out of curiosity, what exactly are you doing? Is Hide really the right choice for what you are trying to accomplish?

I’m modeling a sword; technically, the lines don’t NEED to be hidden, but I think it looks much nicer with the lines hidden. Also, I’m about 90% sure I’m not using components properly, seeing as I just started using Sketchup (and any 3D modelling program for that matter) 2 days ago, and I’ve been working on that same sword all day every day since then. So, I’m almost as inexperienced as it gets. Basically, the way I used the components was, “I can’t figure out how to model this part of the sword nicely, so I’ll just import a component that matches the shape I need and slap it on.” As for what parts of the model are components, those are the elongated octagonal prism handle and the dome-shaped basket hilt. I could provide an image if you’d like.

Also, I tried enabling the components for editing, and that didn’t work. So I figured it might’ve been because I was selecting a mix of components and non-components, so I selected the entire sword, made the entire thing into one single component, clicked “Edit Component”, switched to the Wireframe style, hid the lines, and switched back to the Default style. Still hid the whole thing.

It sounds like you ended up creating a component that contains loose geometry and components. In this case that doesn’t help. Get the Select tool, double click on the component to open it for editing. If you can then select the raw geometry, you’re in and can proceed. It could be there are components or groups inside the components you’ve downloaded.

It might be that hiding isn’t really what you need, Maybe softening/smoothing edges would be the right thing.

Hm, I couldn’t get that to work. But, I think know enough now since starting the project to be able to recreate the components, so all lines should be hidden properly. Thanks for your help!

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