Hide Lines by selecting multiple entitys

Hi Friends
Still learning the whole process. I have recognized that with fine detail when we zoom out, all the lines with equal weight becomes merged into thick dark lines. So, I have been going back to hide using shift-eraser. However, that requires selecting every line, at least with the control-erase button held down. Is there any way to drag an area select box or tripple click to have many entities selected at once and choose hide line? This would greatly improve the output appearance after the lines have been created.
Thanks Eli

Sure! Do the multiple select by whatever technique you prefer - triple click, drag box, many single clicks…then do either Edit->Hide or right-click->Hide. The latter is a bit trickier because the right-click needs to be exactly on one of the selected edges or the selection will be cancelled.

More generally I would like to learn ideas for controlling output line quality.

Thanks for reply. The edit menu, hide (selected items) hides the whole object, not just the line. In this case, I want the objects to remain visible for texture and color and to avoid only the line defining the geometry. In our real world, we generally do not see a line defining the shapes of object around us.

you can turn edges on and off from the view menu…

but it makes it harder to model when off…

it’s quite good to do before exporting images…

Got it. Thanks. I figured there was a way. Do you generally turn edge display off when setting up a print?

for some styles when I need to post process…