[FR] Hold down mouse and drag to paint multiple entities


Instead of having to click numerous times when painting numerous adjacent faces I think it would be quite useful to be able to hold down the mouse and drag it similar to how the Eraser tool works. Often modifier keys do the trick but not in all situations. Also I think it really fits in to how tools feel in Sketchup.


Hi Julia Chistina, hi folks.

Yes, that would be nice but, in the meantime, you can select multiple face then choose a color or material and SU will color all the faces at once.




Selecting the faces and then applying the material isn’t any faster than applying the material to them separately though. The only exception is when you you want to paint all connected geometry and select by trippel click. However, as long as the existing material doesn’t differ between the faces it’s faster to use paint bucket tool while holding CTRL anyway.

I’m suggesting this new functionality to be able to paint multiple adjacent faces, connected to faces that should not be painted, more swiftly than can currently be done in SU.


I like the idea, but there would need some modifier to omit the edges beneath the “drag”.


As a workaround (for adjacent faces with same material), you can use ThruPaint with the related selection filter.

But +1 for the request.


Maybe the “color edges by” style setting could be used for this? If edges are colored by material they are painted and if they are colored all same they are not. The selection tool already relies on the current style to determine if hidden geometry can be selected so it would be consistent to that. Just an other idea; I’m not saying I’m against a modifier key.


Not against this, but I normally do not care for tool settings that are “off the beaten track”.

If I were coding this, I’d add the “EdgeColorMode” choices to the tool’s right-click context menu, … (so the user could see with a click what the tool would do to edges,) …

AND, also give the tool a modifier key to override the “EdgeColorMode”.

I’d make it paint only faces as the default behavior, and use CTRL to add the painting of edges. So, there’d be a right-click check item to use the “EdgeColorMode” from RenderingOptions, otherwise the tool would rely upon the CTRL modifier.

Lastly, I’d use a paint brush as the cursor.


Great Idea but will require more focus as any sudden hand moment will interrupt it


Well, no actually, any good drag tool will also have a click-move-click alternate workflow. (Ie, usually a rubberband is drawn from the first click to the mouse pointer in between clicks.) In this way users could specify complex “paint paths”.