Selecting multiple objects

Please Help, I am trying to find a shortcut that allows you to select multiple objects in a scene. I watched the Mathias Wandel ( video and saw he selected a few objects and moved them.

You should read the tool tips at the bottom of the screen. and the help files on Selecting multiple entities.

Ctrl with Select allows you to add to the selection. Shift allows you to add if it’s not selected and deselect if it is. You can also make left to right and right to left selection boxes.

Thank you Dave for your help

John, not being rude here, but a quick look back through your questions suggests you may not have spent much time with the basic how to tutorials posts and videos.
Take some time off modelling and just immerse yourself in videos for half a day or so, you’ll be surprised how much you’ll pick up. You may have watched them all when you started but now that you have worked with the software you’ll be able to see the answers better.

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I have spent most of my time watching the videos including Sketchup and Sketchup employee videos and also private ones. I am actually an old school draftsman used to using a T- square and then moved up to a sliding straight edge. This PC drawing is a whole nother ball game. The only time I actually ask in the forumn is when I can’t understand the videos.

Hi, Brother where I can get tutorials for a beginner? Help out to find them.


go here : The learning Center

Many thanks …!