Color changes


Why can’t I change the color of everything at once using shift and the paint bucket?
It makes open every grouped item to change it one at a time.
I’ve always been able to do so in past versions.


Using the paint bucket + shift should paint all connected faces with that material.
Preselect some faces… and they’ll all accept the painted material
Also Edit > Select_All - which selects everything - then those entities will take the painted material.

If you have recently updated to a new SketchUp version, then did you select its installer exe file and then right-click > Run as administrator…
If not, then flaky things can happen on a PC.

There’s probably no need to reinstall…
Just close SketchUp, then run the installer’s exe as admin - as outlined above - then choose Repair…
Any better ?


I think groups have always isolated geometry. If you are in a group, shift + paint bucket will not paint anything outside the group. Although, components are copies, so texturing one textures them all.

If you exit all the groups/components, then you can use shift + paint bucket to paint matching materials.

Also, you can texture groups all at once by using shift + paint bucket on a default texture. It won’t work if you’ve gone into the group and changed the textures from the default texture. You can change it back to the default texture though. It should be in you “In-Model” textures.


Nothing has changed in the Paint Bucket tool in SU 2018 what I know. Maybe you were using an extension before, or you are comparing different use cases.

You should be able to hold Shift to paint all faces with the same material, in the same drawing context. This doesn’t work between drawing contexts though, as you are only editing one drawing context at a time. If you want to paint several groups/components at once, maybe painting them from the outside, rather than painting individual faces, can help you. Lastly, you can edit the material itself from the Material pane instead of changing the material throughout the model.


Maybe you were using components instead of groups before.


It is happening on the files I import from AutoCad.
It is recognizing every part/piece as a component.

Is there any way to change this?
If not I may have to switch to another program. I can’t spend this kind of time double clicking on every part.




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