Making a 'group' or 'component' so when I change the color on one, they are all affected

Probably an easy question. I tried making an object a group and copying it. when I change the paint, the other does not change. So I made a component and copied it. when I change the paint on one, the other does not change. What am I supposed to do?

Make a component and then, before applying the color, open one instance for editing and paint the faces.

The majority of the time you should be applying materials to the faces inside the component, not painting the component’s container.

By the way, which version of SketchUp are you using? Your profile says you are using SketchUp 2019 Make but there is no such version. That information is helpful for us to know when helping you.


The component paint is applied to the component instance (“outside”), not the component definition (“inside”). If you double click the component to enter it and then paint inside of it, the change will affect all instances.

The difference between face painting and group/component painting can be quite useful. A material on a face will override a material applied to a group/component which means you can set up various identical components and change certain materials with one click and not affect the other materials.
For example if you have a model of a car you can work through it applying materials to all the details of the glass, leather, wheels and tyres etc but leave the main car paint as the default material. Then with one click you can change the colour of the car while keeping all the details the same. So any number of identical cars with different paintwork.

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