Cannot paint a component

I used to be able to paint different component instances different colours, but I’ve broken something. The attached model has 4 instances of the same component. I’d like to paint each of them a different colour. I used to be able to do this, but it has stopped working. Using the Web based Sketchup.
CushionBox.skp (168.2 KB)

You’ve applied one color to the component container …

… and another to the faces inside.

Materials on faces always override the materials on the component container.

Everything is still working as it should and always has. Edit the component and apply the default material to the faces. Then the materials applied to the component containers will be displayed.

I fixed your model.
CushionBox.skp (179.8 KB)

Interestingly, Color by Tag works, however I can’t change the colors it selects. Clicking on the current color of the tag does nothing.

This has nothing to do with Color by Tag. Only the way you’ve applied materials to the model.

Thank you very much. Been using SU for years, but I obviously know just enough to be dangerous. Thanks again.

You’re welcome.

I noticed a bit more cleanup to do. Here’s the revised file.
CushionBox.skp (175.3 KB)

I presume this is a hobby woodworking project? From a woodworker’s point of view, I’m curoius about your box joint layout. You have opposite sides of the joint at each end of he piece. Is that the way you plan to cut them? It makes the parts all theoretically identical but more likely to amplify errors if they exist. By what method will you make the joints?

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