How do I re-paint all faces of a group ? after painted a single face of a group

Ok so made a demo video/gif what i’m having problem , you can view here. at around 0.30th second.

Problem : If i painted a single face of a group , and then try to repaint the whole group to new color, it won’t repaint all the faces of that group. It will paint all other face but not those faces which i painted separately before.

Expectation: I want to able to repaint the whole group to new color , no matter what i painted in each face before.

How I can do this?


I guess you need to change your expectations. Paint applied to a group or component container overrides the default materials. Paint applied to a faces inside the group or component container overrides both the default material and materials applied to the container.

You’ll need to open the group for editing to apply your new material over the existing one on the face.

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Or alternatively, open the group/component for editing, apply the Default material to all the previous painted faces (or all the faces), close the editing context, THEN apply the material to the whole group/component.

However, while that displays fine in SU, it might or might not work in a renderer - I don’t use a renderer enough to know for certain, but I know they can be fussy, especially if you have any unintentionally reversed faces - many renderers I read here will ignore back faces’ materials completely, and I don’t know if they will recognize a material applied to the exterior of a group or component…

Material applied to a whole component only applies the material to that instance of the component. Material applied to faces of the component affect the definition, and hence all copies.

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