What is the difference - applying color?

I have this file. No Idea what I did to it but when I try to apply color to the piece at the origin it colors only one or two faces.
The other piece will color the whole thing.
They are both grouped.
They were not always in the same file.
The first piece and a mirror image piece in a file do the same thing.
I created these piece and used them in an assembly file. I took the good one from that assy file.

Corner Brackets.skp (1.9 MB)

You’ve painted some of the faces in the one near the origin with a light gray color. When you try to paint the group, only those faces with the default material will show that color since the color actually applied to the faces will override color applied to the group. If you want to change the color, open the group for editing and select all of the faces. Then apply the color.

You can paint the group away from the origin because its front faces have the default material applied. For some reason you’ve painted some of the back faces in that one.

thank you

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