Material problem


Why does the paint and texture I select cover all surfaces of one wall of my house? The other walls are fine, green shingles on the outside only and paint on the inside. If I change the interior to be paint, then the exterior shingles go away and the paint color appears there too!


Sounds like maybe you are applying material to the outside of a group or component instead of opening it and painting faces.


It helps to set the group or geometry to a default texture depending on if you want to color groups or geometry. Personally, I like to set geometry to default texture, then color groups. But other people prefer to set the group texture to default, then color faces. So whichever you prefer.


There is a specific hierarchy to how materials/textures behave in SU.
Anything painted on a face will override anything painted on a group.
Painting a group will cover all faces of the group with the same material with no respect for material direction. Unless the faces have already been painted at the geometry level.
Painting faces within a group allows you to align the material specifically to each individual face. And will not be overridden by painting the group.

This is a useful feature once you understand it.
One simple example for this would be if you make a wooded chair component, you enter the component for editing and paint the wooden parts so that the wood grain of your material follows the correct directions of the individual pieces of wood. But you don’t paint the upholstery of the seat while inside the component, leave it as the default material.
You can then make multiple copies of the chair and Paint each Component with a different colour. Giving you perfectly textured wood on all of them but different coloured seats.


Yes. That did it. Thanks to all.