Changing multiple face colours at once, nested within separate components

I have some windows which are all separate components. They were created using the “3 point window” plugin. This creates the following heirarchy:

Window component

  • Frame component
  • Glass component
  • Sash component (when opening)

Colours are applied to the faces within the frame component, so you can’t simply click the component with the new colour, you have to edit each one.

I have over fifty of these and I want to change the colour once! Is there a way of doing this? Can I explode then recreate?

If they are components you should just be able to edit one and they all change.

More accurately, if they are multiple instances of the same component definition … you should just be able to edit one and they all change.

I haven’t installed the indicated plugin (found here on Sketchucation) - mostly because I’m swamped in other work and don’t want to take the time, but it would suprise me if it is sophisticated enough to capitalize on existing component definitions (by creating a new instance of an existing definition) when creating a new window of similar design to one already present in the model.

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I don’t know about extensions for this sort of thing, but if they’re not multiple instances of the same component, I’d be tempted just to edit the “in model” material itself.


I was just doing a little gif to show one way of doing that @IanT.
Unique components one nested.
But my brain is jelly, not well and I think that is over complex.


I’m on phone but pretty sure that you can just edit the “in model” and it will change all the faces already “painted” in the model with that material. (Without having to do anything else)

Yeah that’s what meant about it being overly complicated, I was mixing it up with getting the area for all that material in the model.

You can also edit the material directly. In SketchUp faces don’t have a color. Faces have a material, and materials have a color (and sometimes a texture too).

Thom Thom’s “MATERIAL REPLACER” I have found to be good for many applications. You can select any material and it will change it globally throughout the model to another material you specify.

Thanks for the tip about Select > All with same material. Unfortunately it doesn’t appear to work.

I click the above, change the paint either from the tray or by performing a fill, and the other windows are not changed.

I think all the windows are different components - they have different definitions, and each say 1 in model next to the component when selected.

Ah - I’ve just found a way. Initially I couldn’t work out how to edit the material. Turns out you have to be on the Edit tab (makes sense!) of the material, not the Select which I thought would be a shortcut…

Let me know if I’m doing something that will cause trouble later… Although the description of the difference between material and paint is clear enough above, I’m not 100% sure how that is applied in the UI.

The nice thing about the “material replacer” tool is that it sees through components, so just using its eye dropper you can quickly identify a material and then select an alternative and it will make those changes to all those materials in the whole model and not a group by group. Assuming your windows are components, altering one will alter the rest, but also assume you may have different size windows which are separate components, so the more global “material replacer” tool might be more efficient?

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