How to change the color of one component

Hey there! I downloaded some plants from the 3D warehouse into a model. I changed their color. Now when I try to download other plants they all change to the same color … I suspect the many models in the 3d warehouse (bougainvillea) are derivatives of the same original model and so they are affecting eachother… I have tried making the component unique and exploding it to no avail. Please help!

What exactly did you do to change their color?

It would be a huge help if you share the .skp file so we can see how you set up the model to get this to happen.

The colour of faces in a component can be changed inside the component context or outside of the component context.

The former has priority on the later.

As an analogy, imagine that you want to have identically shaped cars with different colours. If you want that, the simplest way is to apply the colours directly to the component but outside of its context. The problem will be that all the surfaces of the component will have the same colour, including the windows and tires and trimmings, etc.

The proper way to do that would be to enter the context of the component and apply required colours to pertinent faces, like black on tire, translucent colour to window, metallic colours to rims, door handles and some trimmings. Then, when you will apply a colour from outside the context, only the non painted faces will acquire the colour. The tire will remain black, the window will remain translucent, etc.

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What if you make the texture unique instead of the components (or exploding them ) ?
If they all use the same texture, no wonder they all match, the definition (name) remains the same.
Before importing another (different) component, select the texture and make it unique.

That or your components may seem different but are all made up of sub-components that are the same. Could be leaves, petals… That are repeated and transformed.