How to change color of one object and not the others

I ahve made a cool picture and i have used the rough metal material for 3 different objects, however, i need to change the color of one of them, but every time i change the color, it changes it on all the others using the same material. Anyway to make it independent of each other?

thanks. I usually do not color me projects, but this one i wanted to haha:)

Sounds like you have three instances of a component. Use Make Unique on the one you want to pain with a different material.

none are components. i just checked that. they are just groups

Are they all lumped into a single group that you are painting?

no:) each one is its own group. no nested groups or components

So they are painted with the same material and you are editing that material. Of course they will all change. Paint one of them with a different material.

correct, i understand thats the default behavior, but i want to use the same material but different color and i dont know the process of handling that

That’s like saying I want to use tomatoes to make a salad and fried chicken.

You can’t use the same material and have a different color. You would need to use a different material.

lol, maybe im not saying it clearly. I want to use the cherry wood material on the handle as well as the posts because i like the texture it yields for my render, but the handle needs to be a different color. people paint pine 2x4’s different colors all the time… thats what im getting at

Of course people paint pine all the time. You need to create a different material if you want it to be a different color. Right click on the material in the In Model and export the texture. Then open that image and edit it. Save the file with a new name and import the edited material into SketchUp as a new texture.

the blue wood is also the cherry material, and for whatever reason, it was able to change color without effecting the other materials. i am trying to accomplish the same thing. the roof, posts, and handle are all seperate un-nested groups. its odd that the roof had no issues changing the color, but if i try and change it on the handle, the posts change as well.

EDIT: ok, i will try and create a new material. I hardly use materials so i was not sure of the process and how to accomplish this task haha:) i usually stick to my engineering grey since thats all i have ever needed.

Look at the In Model materials. You must have more than one wood texture in there for them to have different colors.

in model materials lists “wood cherry original” “wood cherry original 1” now how it ended up with a 1 in the name is beyond me. I do not know how to create a material so i would have not created it. how it got there… i dont know. all i did was open up the group, paint it, change the color to blue, closed the group. did the same thing with the other cherry wood color as i did the roof. Unless there is a hotkey on new installs of SUpro that copies a material that hit by accident.

You probably clicked on the Create Material button in the upper right corner of the Materials panel.

possible, it could have came up and i just hit ok, thinking it was something else haha. thats happened before. ok. so i will create a new material with a different color for the texture and see how that works.

thanks again:)

ok, i think it worked:)