Materials editor

How is the color tone of an item or object in Sketchup modified without changing the
tones in other objects? The tone in all the other objects with the same color, changes using the edit tool in the default tray simultaneously. Is the “unique” tool an option?Appreciate the suggestions, thanks :slight_smile:

You should be able to answer your own question from your initial post. The materials have to be different if you want to change one without the other. Make a new texture for one of them.

The same material is needed because it only needs to be toned down slightly or upward between objects. I need to keep the same material. Can the unique tool can do this?They are used for streets which is a color common to this general vicinity. To find other materials for the same common objects such as streets or sidewalks would mean changing the consistency for this general area,

No. If has to be the same material then it has to have the same color/tone.

I found that using the same texture by right clicking on the drop down in the “position” option (after downloading or applying a texture ) can change the tone a little and not much. But should be enough to change the tone without using another texture. Thanks again !

In the In Model section of the Materials browser, you can select the material and press the icon for creating a new material. By default, it creates a copy of the current selected material. You can then adjust the colour and give it a new name.

Thanks again for the other suggestion. I know there are limitations with the program. But I was able to find another way to adjust the color. Its not perfect but helps. As in the last post, I mentioned to simply right click on the object with the color, then in the drop down menu “Texture”, then to re-position the texture around a little. This changes the tone enough to match with the sun and shade for a particular area but in the same general vicinity. I will also take advantage of the other option of “selecting material”, then “creating new material”. Then adjusting the tone color. At least two options are available now !

Appreciate the additional modification in the materials option, thanks