Different colors on different imported components

I would like to import the same STEP file twice (or multiple times) and add color to the same face on each imported component, but be different colors for easy distinction. This is where I’m getting stuck. I import the first component, select the face I want and use the paint bucket tool to add color. I then import the component again, select the same face on the new component and then paint bucket tool, but when I change the color so that I can distinguish between the two components the first component’s face changes in real time as I use the color wheel. How do I lock the color in on each component so that I can make each unique?

Why don’t you just copy the first component and then right click on it and select Make Unique? Then you can paint the faces in each one a different color.

Or, if you are only using colors, you could paint each component’s container instead of the faces. Then you don’t need to make them unique so any possible editing of the geometry will still be done to all instances of the component in the model.

Making it unique doesn’t work. I import the file, copy it and then select Make Unique. When I select any face on the copy it highlights the same face on the original.

Don’t know how to paint the component’s container.

It would work if you were really making the copy unique. Is the component a nested component?

Don’t open the component for editing. Just click on it with the Paint Bucket tool. This will apply the color to the entire component.

Instead of this back and forth trying to get you sorted out, how about uploading the SKP file with the component so we can see exactly what you are working with?

312323-ASFVOL.zip (56.5 KB)

Thanks for you help. What I’m trying to do is add color to just the top face of the cylindrical part of the component so that when I have numerous of them lined up side by side I can tell to what system they go to without individually labeling them all. I’m not rigid on what face or if all gets colored, I just want to figure out how I can have different colors.

Could you upload the SKP file instead, please?

Sure.Valve.dae (2.6 MB)

The skp file was too large, it exceeded the upload limit. I tried exporting the stp in various formats and dae was the first one I found that was lower than the limit. I don’t know if that will make coloring easier or more difficult, but by converting to a different format definitely changed it’s overall appearance compared to the stp file.

So it imports as a nested component with a whole lot of bottom level components. You need make the parent component unique and then drill in to the component to get to that component containing the face you want to paint and make it unique.

I expect you could explode the topmost component level or the second one down.

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If I followed your directions correctly it still didn’t work. I imported the stp and copied it. I then made the copy unique. I then drilled in until the face I wanted to color was selected and made that unique. At that point things looked good because when I would select that face to paint it the original component’s equivalent face did not also highlight as it would previously. However, I still have issues that if I go to either the original component or if I make a copy of the original as I describe above and attempt to paint a different color on the same face the first copy changes color to match automatically.

How about uploading the SKP file with the two copies of the valve component to DropBox or the 3D Warehouse and then share the link? I need to see what you’ve got in front of you.

Did you notice that there are three Make Unique steps in my animated GIF? At least with the way the DAE file imports, there’s a several component levels to open before getting to that component I opened for painting.

I followed your gif with the imported dae file and when I go to choose the second color the first valve still automatically changes to the new color! Could it be a setting I need to change? I don’t understand how I’m going it different then you. I even tried by exploding the component number times then selected the face and made it unique without any luck. I will work on uploading the file.

I uploaded the skp with the original stp file and exported dae. Hopefully whatever issue I’m having with maintaining the color on one valve after I change the color on the wheel stays consist for you. Thanks for your help.


sorry. I made it private and thought I would be able to find a link to provide. I changed it to public. If you search by title it will come up; “Valves for Coloring”. Author is Martin S.

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