Unique not Unique

I am using online version of sketchup

I make one of my components unique to give it a different colour to the other components

When I fill the unique component with colour the non unique component changes also ??

Is this a bug ?

Probably not a bug. How about sharing the .skp file with us so we can see what you’ve got.

First thought that comes to mind is maybe nested components inside of a component.

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Goat.skp (313.2 KB)

It is the component on the right set at 45 degrees

It is a nesting thing. You’ve made the top level unique but not the component inside so painting the faces in one will show in the other. You can tell that if you open the component for editing and select all of the faces in the top one. the one below also shows as selected.

If you open the top level component for editing and select the inner one, Entity Info will show you there are two instances in the model.
Screenshot - 3_13_2020 , 8_22_44 AM

Got it, brilliant thanks for your help,

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